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The information you provide will be used by Llarissa.co.uk to provide you with access to the Llarissa Services. You may access or request access to information concerning you to have it modified, deleted, or to forbid any further use of it by us in the dedicated “My Account” section of Llarissa or by using the contact us page. Some information, comments, or content (e.g. photographs, video, profile, lifestyle) that you optionally provide may, under your responsibility and on your initiative, reveal your ethnic origin, nationality, religion, and/or sexual orientation. By providing such optional information, you confirm your intention and, consequently, expressly consent to, and take sole responsibility for, the processing of this mentioned “sensitive” data by us. We will process and protect the information you provide to us by your privacy choices and the Terms of Use. By creating your profile on Llarissa, it will be visible on our platform.

For any complaints and inquiries, you may contact us through the contact us page. Please note that a complaint submitted through the online platform will not be considered unless you have submitted full details and date of issue in accordance with the Llarissa complaints requirements document.

Llarissa adheres to ensure high standards of behavior by dating services serving the UK population. Llarissa offers services that aim to facilitate dating between individuals for personal, entertainment, and non-commercial purposes through electronic communications networks.

To register and use our services you must be at least 18 years old and poses have the legal capacity to enter into a contract, read these Terms of Use, the Cookie Policy, and the Privacy Policy and complete the mandatory fields in the registration form.
Users must create one account only. The User may then complete his/her Profile by giving information on his/her physical appearance, hobbies, profession and all other personal information he/she wishes to share with the other User through the Services, except his/her contact details (electronic address, postal address, telephone number, etc.) the sharing of which is expressly prohibited by Llarissa.

Users are solely responsible for the creation of a personal username and password, which allows him/her to access his/her Account, regular password changes are required and the responsibility of individual users.

The User is responsible for the use of his/her identification elements by third parties or the actions or statements made by an intermediary on his/her Account, whether they are fraudulent or not, and will indemnify Llarissa for any claim arising in connection with these, other than in the event of fault exclusively attributable to Llarissa or technical failure of the Services. Moreover, Llarissa is not obliged and does not have the technical means to verify the identity of individuals registering to the Services. If the User has reason to believe that another person is using his/her identification elements or his/her Account, he/she must inform Llarissa immediately.

Llarissa expressly excludes all liability in connection with events of any nature, which could take place between User or Users during online interactions, whether through the Websites or Third-Party Websites or during ‘real-life’, in-person dates between User or Users arising from the use of the Services.

The purpose of the Services is not the provision of access to the Internet nor the provision of electronic communication services to the public. As a result, Llarissa and the companies of the Llarissa Group do not verify the actual identity of User or Users when they connect to the Websites. Further, they do not control nor moderate exhaustively any of the content, which the User and Users may publish or upload on the Services under their sole liability. However, wherever possible the photographs and the description featuring on the Profile of every User will be verified. Profiles deemed to be “Fake” or “Cloned” will be removed.
Therefore, Users are reminded that they are prohibited from disclosing any information to other Users or Users, which allows them to be identified or located (surname, postal address, email, telephone number) except their username, through the Services.

The provisions of this article apply from the registration or Subscription and shall remain applicable for the entire duration of use of the Services.

In order to use the Services, the User agrees to comply with any applicable UK laws. The website should not be used for “illegal” “Fraudulent” or “soliciting”. Users must refrain from posting any statement or content that violates the rights of others or is defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, violent or incites violence, political, racist or xenophobic and, in general, any statement or content contrary to the purpose of the Services, the laws and regulations in force, the rights of persons or public morals. In particular, photos and any information, data or files provided by a User to Llarissa must be decent and only relate to the User or, if they relate to a third party, be used with his/her express authorisation and under the exclusive responsibility of the User concerned. Not harass other User or Users. Not mentioned on the Websites any personal information provided by a User to Llarissa (e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, etc.) that would allow a Visitor, User to contact another User without using the Services. Not post, display or disseminate, in any form whatsoever, information or content that has the effect of diminishing, disrupting, preventing the normal use of the Websites and Services, interrupting and/or slowing the normal flow of communications between User and/or Users through the Services, such as software, viruses, mass mailing, etc. Llarissa reserve the right to delete mass messages sent by a User in order to preserve the quality of normal use of the Services. Not post, display or disseminate, in any form whatsoever, information or content incorporating hyperlinks to Third-party Websites that are illegal, immoral and/or not conform with the purpose of the Services. Not post photo(s) or other visual content which features minors or vulnerable groups Use the confidential password and username of the User strictly to log in to the Services.

Therefore, the User must not, this list not being exhaustive, communicate, disseminate, share, make accessible, in any way or for any reason whatsoever, its passwords and/or usernames to any third party, whoever that is. In the event of breach by a User Llarissa may permanently or temporarily prohibit all access or subscription of the relevant User.

In order to use the Services, the User must have a Subscription; the fees and the terms of payment are described on the Websites. The fees are indicated in British pounds sterling GBP (inclusive of all taxes).

On the expiry of each period of validity, the Subscription shall be renewed for periods equivalent to that originally chosen, unless terminated by the User.

All Services names, trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on the Websites and within the Services are the exclusive property of the Llarissa and To use the Services, the User must have the skills, equipment, and software necessary for use of the Internet or the mobile applications of the Services. Llarissa has security measures in place in connection with the use of the Services. However, the User acknowledges that, due to the nature and limitations of the Internet, Llarissa cannot warrant that any connection to the Internet or mobile applications will be completely secure.
Llarissa does not warrant that the User will be able to use the Services if he/she uses a “pop-up killer” tool or an equivalent; in this case, this function must be disabled before using the Services.

Llarissa does not warrant that the User will be able to use the Services if his/her Internet service provider fails to provide an adequate level of service or using an outdated browser. Similarly, if applicable, the use of smartphone applications purchased by the User directly from the provider of the application implies that the latter must have a smartphone and a satisfactory connection.

Llarissa is not responsible for any lack of functionality, lack of access or poor conditions of use of the Websites and Services attributable to unsuitable equipment, to the internal functionality failures of the User’s service provider, the overloading of the Internet network and for all other reasons.

The operation of the Services may be interrupted temporarily due to maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to update the content and/or the way it is presented. If possible, Llarissa will notify its Users before any maintenance operations or updates which may impact the Services where ever possible.

Information provided by a User to Llarissa must be accurate and true. The User discloses and disseminates information, data, text, content, and images that concern it through the Services on his/her initiative. Accordingly, he/she waives the right to make any claim against the Llarissa, in particular, based on the possible infringement of his/her image or personality rights, honor, reputation or secrecy of his/her private life, that may result from the distribution or dissemination of information that concerns him/her under the terms and conditions established in the Privacy Policy to the extent that the User has previously given his/her voluntary and express consent to such dissemination as a result of his/her registration to the Services, according to the Terms of Use.

Llarissa cannot be held liable for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by other User, Users, and/or the User him/herself, nor the consequences from the use of this information and content. Similarly, Llarissa cannot be held liable for any content disseminated by a User that may potentially infringe the rights of one or more of the other User, Users or third parties and for which Llarissa demonstrates that it was not informed by a User or third party, or did not have actual and prior knowledge of before its dissemination or did not commit a breach in the performance of any of its contractual obligations under these Terms of Use.

The quality of the Services expected by both Llarissa and its Users implies observing a certain level of ethical conduct in the expression and behavior of the User and Users, respecting the rights of third parties, as well as the laws and regulations in force. To meet this demand for quality, individual responsibility, and ethics, Llarissa allows any User to report any content (photography, text, video), behaviors or comments made by another User that appear to violate the laws and regulations in force, regarding the purpose of the Services, third-party rights or public morals.

As a result, Users acknowledge and accept that the data they provide, as well as their behavior or comments made through the Services, may be reported by other Users and may be subject to acts of moderation and/or control by Llarissa based on objective assessment criteria. In the event this report or control reveals that a User violated the laws and regulations in force or his/her contractual obligations under these Terms of Use, Llarissa may this User by removing his/her account. Depending on the behavior or the comments made by Users, the moderation team may decide to block any new registration by the relevant person.

Llarissa is only liable for the hyperlinks it creates in the Websites and Services and does not exercise any control over the Third Party Websites and external resources (third-party websites or mobile applications, social networks, etc.) to which the hyperlinks accessible on the Websites and the Services redirect. Llarissa cannot be held liable for the provision of links directing to Third Party Websites and cannot be held liable for their content, advertisements, products, features, services, or any other elements available on or based on the use of such Third-Party Websites. It is reminded that the consultation and use of Third Party Websites are governed by their conditions of use and that such consultation and use will be made under the Member’s or User’s full liability.

Llarissa is only responsible for foreseeable loss and damage caused by Llarissa if Llarissa fails to comply with these Terms of Use or to use reasonable care and skill. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the user contract was made both Llarissa and the User knew it might happen.

Llarissa may not be held liable for any damages incurred by a User in the event those are caused solely by the latter or if Llarissa is not in breach of these Terms of Use and its statutory obligations.

Llarissa is not liable for business losses. Llarissa will only supply the Services for domestic and private use. If a User uses the Services for any commercial or business purpose Llarissa will have no liability towards him/her for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity. Llarissa does not exclude or limit in any way its liability to Users where it would be unlawful to do so.

In the event Llarissa is held liable based on a breach by a User of any of his/her legal or contractual obligations under the Terms of Use, the latter agrees to indemnify and hold Llarissa harmless against any damages, expenses or orders issued against it resulting from the Member’s or User’s breach of his/her obligations.

Each User may at any moment request the suspension of his/her Profile, namely through the ‘My Account’ section dedicated to this purpose, to no longer be visible on the Websites nor receive notifications. This suspension is temporary and does not interrupt the Subscription and any current Upgrades. The User may reactivate his/her Profile at any moment.

Each User may at any moment terminate his/her registration to the Services or his/her Subscription, third party subscription payment cancellations are the responsibility of the user.

The User may terminate the automatic renewal of his/her subscription at any point by canceling payment through the payment gateway. The User will not have access to the Paid Services from the date his/her Subscription expires.

Without prejudice to the other provisions of the Terms of Use, in the event of a serious breach by a User or Member, especially in the event of a breach of the Essential Obligations, Llarissa may permanently remove the Account(s) of the relevant User from all the services, without prior notice. This removal will not give a right of reimbursement to the User.

This closure will take effect without prejudice to any damages and interest which may be claimed by Llarissa from the User or his/her successors and legal representatives as restitution for the losses incurred by Llarissa as a result of these breaches.
The personal data Users are processed by the privacy policy applicable to Llarissa.

These Terms of Use form a contract, which governs the relationship between the User and Llarissa. They cancel and supersede all previous provisions not expressly referred to or appended and provide all rights and obligations of Llarissa, and the User concerning their subject matter.

Llarissa may update and modify the content and/or features of the Services at any moment to improve their quality. The User will be informed of the nature of these updates or modifications when they are implemented on the Websites.
These Terms of Use are governed, interpreted, and applied by the laws of England and Wales.

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